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Brennan Anderson
- Star Wars: Assault Team
- Cosmic Highway
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Brennan Anderson - Composer & Sound Designer

brennan anderson I am a composer and technical sound designer with a passion for effective storytelling through audio. From Austin originally, I was surrounded by music and creativity my entire life and quickly worked my way into a career in game audio. I love video games because they are a great medium to tell stories, make social commentaries, and affect perceptions of various aspects of life, something which I am drawn to furthering through the artistic implementation of audio.

A word from Brennan: Music is my life.
Everywhere I go I hear music in my head. Sometimes it sounds quiet and far away, and I have to listen very intently, but at other times, it shows up as a fully developed piece of music. I write it down quickly wherever I am, on whatever writing surface I can find. One of my favorite works was written on a cardboard box! My first exposure to music was from video games, and that's actually why I became a composer. It all really started with Final Fantasy VII. I was so young when I first played it that it made a big impression on me. The thing that impressed me the most was how the music supported the emotional lives of the characters in a way that made me experience those emotions! Because of that period of my life, I have always believed that great music should be felt, not just heard. And I don't mean by turning up the bass on your stereo. Although, that may be quite fun. My passion for music has taken me far. I've had the good fortune to meet Tommy Tallarico and Nobuo Uematsu, both of whom inspired me early in my career, and who encouraged me to develop my skills as a composer. I started writing music professionally at 18 when I worked with Tobuscus on his Literals, and soon moved on to working with many wonderful musicians and sound designers in the game industry.