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John Wood

John Wood
- Star Wars: Assaut Team
- Cosmic Highway
Current Location: Austin, TX
John Wood - Consulting Composer & Sound Sound Advice

brennan anderson John Wood was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Texas, lived in Spain for a few months, graduated from the University of Chicago, learned how to play the spoons from a homeless man on the streets of New Orleans, vacationed for a few years in Florida, and after a brief two year excursion to Washington, DC, he returned to Austin.

This guy has been places! All the while he has kept his lovely Gibson SG by his side just to help make music with Brennan.

John's talent as a musician stemms back to early childhood. He learned basic recording techniques and recorded songs, monologues, and skits with Brennan and others. Fluent in music theory, he consults with Brennan on compositions frequently.