Bravely Adaptive Digital Audio
All About us!

Everything that you want, we want, and we will do our best work to make those goals come to life through the Audio.

One of the most important aspects of creating music is to start with an empty stage. As we begin each project, we want to know what the project is about at its core. This includes the emotional landscape, philosophy, and inspirations that gave birth to your ideas. We discover what you want your project to do for its audience; what you would like them to feel, and the experiences you want to share with them.

When you work with us, we breathe life into your project through audio. We work to become an involved and invested member of the production process, working closely with its creators. Our current services include:

- Composition:
Everyone here has a connection to music on a cellular level, and we use that quality to provide the emotional component that works together with a good story, relatable characters, and great visuals. Our music is a bridge from the brain to the heart.

- Audio Implementation:
Getting audio into your game is an entire 1/3 of the process! You didn't think we would just leave you on your own did you? Between us we have years of experience in different coding languages, notably C++, C#, and Javascript, as well as experience with several industry standard tools and game engines such as FMOD, Fabric, Unreal Engine, and Unity. Check out some of our implementation below!

Dynamic Music Implementation (UE4):

- Sound Design:
The universe is filled with sound. It makes sense that to make a game or video project relatable to its audience, everything in its universe should make a sound as well. We are experienced in making believable sound design, even if the sound is entirely original. Sounds can be made for existent or non-existent things.

Trine 2 Sound Design Re-skin: